Annalakshmi: restaurant where you pay as you wish

Malaysia is perceived universally as a food shelter, being home to various culinary customs and cooking styles.

Simply go for a stroll in and out of town and you will find food trucks and seller slows down at pretty much every corner. Nonetheless, for some Malaysians, particularly those in the B40 bunch, hitting the hay hungry is common.Thankfully a few benevolent people have made a special effort to guarantee everybody can eat a warm feast.

In the bustling region of Brickfields is one diner devoted to this reason and notwithstanding its foundation work, one can find authentically great food served here as well.

Annalakshmi Riverside is a natural name to occupants here, and as a matter of fact, it has made global news previously. All things considered, the general thought of a café working on a compensation as-you-wish premise is strange, however that has not prevented Annalakshmi from working for quite a long time.
During the 1980s, the Swami Shantanand Saraswathi imagined a yearning liberated world and in this manner, opened a veggie lover café in Bangsar where benefactors can pay as they wish.

After its modest starting points, Annalakshmi is as of now serving the nearby local area in Brickfields, where Malaysians of all stripes are invited to rest and eat.

Being an unusual café by its actual nature, this spot is additionally completely monitored by volunteers, all propelled by the Swami’s message of generosity.

Annalakshmi comprises of two cafés: the container with the compensation as-you-wish idea and the other being a better quality smorgasbord eatery with fixed prices.The previous, Annalakshmi Riverside, is situated in the storm cellar of the Temple of Fine Arts on Jalan Berhala, while the smorgasbord eatery is on the floor above.

FMT visited during noon on Friday and the spot was loaded with hungry clients. For a straightforward café situated in a cellar, it was as yet respectable, with burger joints ready to peer down onto the Klang River streaming outside.To request your food, line up at the counter, where volunteers will fill your plate however much you need.

Pick between having your rice showered with curry or sambar, then pick which vegan dishes you need for the dinner. The dishes served here change consistently, so there’s something new consistently.

The curry presented with the rice is a balance of flavorful and hot, and truly, what satisfaction is to be had from eating rice with scarcely any curry goodness?

The exemplary jeera aloo shows up here, its heavenly and flavor presence generally invited, as does a side of basic yet nutritious dhal.

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